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gradually in a sentence

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‘The light seeped gradually through the trees as … For the greater part of its course it flows in a south-westerly direction, but near Pertuis gradually bends N.W. His hand was so warm and the caress was so gentle that her eyes gradually closed. As the sieve plate grows these non-cellulose regions swell and gradually become converted into the same kind of mucous substance as that contained in the tube; the two cells are thus placed in open communication. Sound him out gradually. Hibil lingers, gradually unfolding his power, in each of the vestibules, and finally passing from hell to hell reaches Karkum. 10,600 The policy of the national government has been gradually to lease all its lines except the Estrada de Ferro Central do Brazil, which is retained for sentimental reasons. In consequence, however, of the frequent violence of the southwesterly gales and other causes, the communication ceased in the middle of the 19th century, and the artificial harbour designed by John Rennie has gradually fallen into decay. 268. 3. Its southern range is gradually contracting, and it appears that it is no longer met with west of the Mackenzie river, though formerly abundant as far as Eschscholtz Bay. The middle wall, beginning south of the Pnyx near the Melitan Gate, gradually approached the northern wall and, following a parallel course at an interval of 550 ft., diverged to the east near the modern New Phalerum and joined the Peiraeus walls on the height of Munychia where they turn inland from the sea. The shores of Lake Michigan are generally low and sandy, and the land slopes gradually to the water. It is probable that the limpet takes several years to attain full growth, and during that period it frequents the same spot, which becomes gradually sunk below the surrounding surface, especially if the rock be carbonate of lime. At first the revolutionary propaganda produced no personal animosity against the emperor, who continued to be treated by his people with every mark of respect and affection, but this state of things gradually changed. Nevertheless, though the conceptions originally denoted by " evolution " and " development " were shown to be untenable, the words retained their application to the process by which the embryos of living beings gradually make their appearance; and the terms" development," " Entwickelung,"and " evolutio " are now indiscriminately used for the series of genetic changes exhibited by living beings, by writers who would emphatically deny that " development " or " Entwickelung " or " evolutio," in the sense in which these words were usually employed by Bonnet or Haller, ever occurs. gradually in a sentence - Use "gradually" in a sentence 1. In these circumstances, the traditional authority of the grand-prince, never very great, rapidly declined, and the complicated law of succession, never scrupulously respected, was gradually replaced by " the good old rule, the simple plan, that he should take who has the power, and he should keep who can.". If we begin with a blue glass, we may observe the gradually increasing obliquity of the direction of maximum polarization; and then by exchanging the blue glass for a red one, we may revert to the original condition of things, and observe the transition from perpendicularity to obliquity over again. Gradually Matthew's suckling slowed and he fell asleep. Fogs and rains and warmer suns are gradually melting the snow; the days have grown sensibly longer; and I see how I shall get through the winter without adding to my wood-pile, for large fires are no longer necessary. Various modifications of the instrument are still employed for stock telegraph purposes. gradually / examples. How To Use Gradually In a Sentence – Gradually sentence in English is simple to make. was the every direction; the finances and the army were reorganized, military instructors being procured from Europe; the administration was gradually centralized, and good relations were cultivated with the powers, the only serious international controversy arising in1848-1849over the refusal. increasing gradually in a sentence - 1. Weeks slipped by and her body gradually healed. Weep and sincerely pray, 'O Lord, draw me towards You; give me peace of mind.' Seward gradually regained his health, and remained in the cabinet of President Johnson until the expiration of his term in 1869. before the young oaks are planted, and are gradually thinned out as the latter increase in size. The Glossopteris flora gradually spread to the northern hemisphere and intermingled with the later Palaeozoic flora which still persisted. But when Zengi established himself in Mosul in 1127, the tide gradually began to turn. The president gradually drew to him some members of the better conservative class to assist in his administration, and felt confident that he had the support of public opinion. This seems a less feasible explanation; it is more probable that the Norse settlers intermarried with the Eskimo and were gradually absorbed. This passes gradually into the thinner-walled parenchyma of the inner cortex. Godfrey never legislated: the customs of the kingdom gradually grew, and were gradually defined, especially under kings like Baldwin III. After playing a varied role in local and national story, now as banqueting-house and now as prison, it fell gradually into disrepair. It flowed continuously, though in gradually diminishing quantity, for fifteen months; afterwards the flow became intermittent. At the beginning of 1908 the price gradually rose again to the neighbourhood of 4s. Eastward from this the ranges of low bare hills called the Murgie of Gravina and Altamura gradually sink into the still more moderate level of those which constitute the peninsular tract between Brindisi and Taranto as far as the Cape of Sta Maria di Leuca, the south-east extremity of Italy. It must be so, but I am still so weak that I love my life, the meaning of which is only now gradually opening before me. Howard had to pull out of the driveway slowly and gradually increase his speed. Such in brief were the doctrine and use of the early churches, gradually systematized, developed and transformed in the churches of the Roman obedience. coast of the Persian Gulf, but as the early navigators pushed their voyages further, the ships rounded the coast of Arabia, and came into the Red Sea, and the names of Magan and the neighbouring Melukhkha gradually extended westward, with the result that in late times to the Assyrians Melukhkha meant Ethiopia. On the other side, you can also make Gradually sentence in Hindi as several English words are also used in the English language. examples "The feedstock component had been increasing gradually since 2006" about apps & extensions feedback examples. 123. Third: It is always the case that diseases are eliminated first in the healthy, well-developed, rich countries, then gradually around the world. Howard had to pull out of the driveway slowly and gradually increase his speed. Below it are covered promenades, and from it steps descend to the lower town, the oldest part of which (the so-called Marina), sloping gradually towards the sea, is probably the nucleus of the Roman municipium, while the quarter of Stampace lies to the west, and beyond it again the suburb of Sant' Avendrace. If something changes or is done gradually, it changes or is done in small stages over a long period of time, rather than suddenly. antonyms. Their discontent had been gradually swelled by various acts of home and foreign policy during the sixteen years' rule of the riformatori, nor had the concessions granted to the partisans of the twelve and the latter's recall and renewed eligibility to office availed to conciliate them. Maurice, gradually approached more and more to those of the Church of England, which he ultimately joined. The earliest inhabitants of Lauenburg were a Slav tribe, the Polabes, who were gradually replaced by colonists from Saxony. Log in . Afterward, the policy on security clearances gradually fell into disfavor. In the movie we saw, aliens came to earth and gradually replaced all the human beings. On the r4th (the anniversary of Marengo) Lannes carried out his role of fighting advanced guard or screen, the emperor's main body gradually came up, and the battle of Friedland (q.v. 1 to no. From this depression eastward the general level of the plateau gradually rises to an elevation of 6000 ft. From the valley of the Humboldt river southward the plateau gradually rises until the divide between this stream and the Colorado river, in the vicinity of the White Pine Mountains, is reached. xxviii., but the family ceremonial was still kept up and gradually developed a special ritual, which has been retained among orthodox Jews up to the present day. Thus there gradually grew up a tendency to avoid the term, and in accordance with the idea of Ex. The public worship endowment fund has relieved the state exchequer of the cost of public worship; has gradually furnished to the poorer parish priests an addition to their stipends, raising them to 32 per annum, with the prospect of further raising them to 40; and has contributed to the outlay incurred by the communes for religious purposes. Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations and lyrics search engine. Gradually winter released its grip and flowers erupted from the ground in celebration of spring. Evans, coming on the scene in 1893, travelled in succeeding years about the island picking up trifles of unconsidered evidence, which gradually convinced him that greater things would eventually be found. The branch of the Franks - who were a confederacy, not a people - which gradually overspread Gallia Belgica, bore the name of the Salian Franks.. In 1172 the Great Council began as an elective body; it gradually ousted the popular assembly from all practical power. When exposed in the moist condition to the air it gradually acquires a red colour. It rises gradually towards the centre, where it culminates in Mount Elias, 1864 ft. Gradually quotes from YourDictionary: Open your grief-stricken heart to the Lord. The present magnificent building was a slow growth extending over three centuries and expanding gradually as the republic grew in riches. above the water below, and rises gradually toward the S.E. And the same usage went on after the Conquest; the use of English becomes gradually rarer, and dies out under the first Angevins, but it is in favour of Latin that it dies out. 2. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. The problem cannot be approached from modern preconceptions because there was much associated with the worship of Yahweh which only gradually came to be recognized as repugnant, and there was much in earlier ages and in other lands which reflects an elevated and even complex religious philosophy. Another word for gradually. On each occasion, no doubt, some of the refugees remained behind in the islands, and gradually built and peopled the twelve lagoon townships, which formed the germ of the state of Venice and were subsequently concentrated at Rialto or in the city we now know as Venice. The police station is partly accommodated in an ancient square tower, once the stronghold of the Johnstones, for a long period the ruling family under whose protection the town gradually grew up. It will be conveyed over to posterity. During the latter period of his term of office he was on a very unsatisfactory footing with the young king George III., who gradually came to feel a kind of horror of the interminable persistency of his conversation, and whom he endeavoured to make use of as the mere puppet of the ministry. Russia, as separate agricultural colonies, and these have since then gradually extended into the Don region and N. to the accompaniment of hymns, the dance gradually developing into a wild dervish-like spinning which is kept up till they drop, foaming at the mouth and prophesying. She was gradually accepting his touch, a subtle sign of a thaw she probably didn't realize she was doing. The Indian flying-squirrel (P. oral) leaps with its parachute extended from the higher branches of a tree, and descends first directly and then more and more obliquely, until the flight, gradually becoming slower, assumes a horizontal direction, and finally terminates in an ascent to the branch or trunk of the tree to which it was directed. 1749), who, gradually pushing westward from Lake Superior, reached Lake Winnipeg in 1733, and in the following year built a fort not far from the present Fort Alexander. This wood is in great part already dead substance, but the mycelium gradually invades the vessels occupied with the transmission of water up the trunk, cuts off the current, and so kills the tree; in other cases such Fungi attack the roots, and so induce rot and starvation of oxygen, resulting in fouling. Toller) describes a thegn as "one engaged in a king's or a queen's service, whether in the household or in the country," and adds, "the word in this case seems gradually to acquire a technical meaning, and to become a term denoting a class, containing, however, several degrees.". Gradually, however, the sea retreated from W. At the same time, as the gradients are gradually increasing on account of the upheaval of the continent, the rivers dig their channels deeper and deeper. Thus even his idea of the relation of the divine activity to the world shows a tendency to a pantheistic notion of a divine thought which gradually realizes itself in the process of becoming. Q: Please show me example sentences with gradually, incredibly, fortunately,sadly and brilliantly. It is to the second of these that historians, attracted by its brilliancy even amongst the many romances of history and its importance to Scottish history, have directed most of their attention, and it is during it that his personal character, tried by adversity and prosperity, gradually unfolds itself. At last the conversation gradually settled on some of the topics at first lightly touched on: their past life, plans for the future, Pierre's journeys and occupations, the war, and so on. From that early beginning, the railway has been gradually … He believed that the Union could be saved without a war, and that a policy of delay would prevent the secession of the border states, which in turn would gradually coax their more southern neighbours back into their proper relations with the Federal government. and Catherine of Aragon, but gradually withdrawing into the background he resigned the office of lord chancellor in 1515, and was succeeded by Wolsey, whom he had consecrated as bishop of Lincoln in the previous year. At the opening of the Thirty-Fourth Congress the anti-Nebraska men gradually united in supporting Banks for speaker, and after one of the bitterest and most protracted speakership contests in the history of congress, lasting from the 3rd of December 1855 to the 2nd of February 1856, he was chosen on the 133rd ballot. He caressed her stomach, gradually moving his hand up under her shirt until he reached the bottom of her bra. Gradually, however, the technical difficulties were overcome and success assured, largely as a result of improved methods worked out by Mond for the recovery of the ammonia. Its aqueous solution gradually decomposes with evolution of oxygen, behaves as a strong oxidant, and liberates iodine from potassium iodide. Plants as agents of damage and disease may be divided into those larger forms which as weeds, epiphytes and so forth, do injury by dominating and shading more delicate species, or by gradually exhausting the soil, &c., and true parasites which actually live on and in the tissues of the plants. Gradually in a sentence. 1. The cortical tissues gradually shrink and dry up, turning brown and black in patches or all over, and when at length the cambium and medullary ray tissues dry up the whole twig dies off. The free acid has not been isolated, since on evaporation the solution gradually loses sulphur dioxide. CR * AMER, Karl Von (1818-1902), Bavarian politician, had a very remarkable career, rising gradually from a mere workman in a factory at Doos near Nuremberg to the post of manager, and finally becoming part proprietor of the establishment. His character was naturally impetuous and enthusiastic, but became marked with great self-control as he gradually brought his will under his reason. During his absence several towns had asserted their independence; but he succeeded in subduing them without much difficulty and gradually suppressed their communal liberties. On the third day after leaving Moscow Karataev again fell ill with the fever he had suffered from in the hospital in Moscow, and as he grew gradually weaker Pierre kept away from him. More sentences →. As the result of this analysis, combined with an investigation into the surroundings man lives in, a "content" - a moral code - becomes gradually evolved. The two had gradually fallen in love, married, scraped together funds, and together with Fred O'Connor, purchased a hundred-year-old Colorado Victorian home. They continued, however, to pay the farm until the payment gradually lapsed in the 18th century. Its territory is said to have stretched from the Tyne northwards, ultimately reaching the Forth, while its western frontier was gradually extended at the expense of the Welsh. On these facts becoming known, a feeling of pity for the pope became widespread; and the opinion of the Roman Catholic world gradually turned against the emperor while he was fighting to preserve his supremacy in Germany. During the later part of the Cretaceous period the sea gradually retreated and left the whole country dry. The cliffs on the east shore of Green Bay form a bold escarpment, and from this ridge the land slopes gradually to the lake. The Venetian nobility is an example of a nobility which gradually arose out of the mass of the people as certain families step by step drew all political power into their own hands. The same change of isoprene into caoutchouc may also be effected by the action of certain chemical agents. Her pronunciation of this gradually became indistinct, and when I first knew her it was nothing more than a peculiar noise. the Apterygogenea of Brauer and others, though we prefer the shorter term Apterygota) - is rendered improbable from the fact that existing Apterygota are related to Exopterygota, not to Endopterygota, and by the knowledge that has been gained as to the morphology and development of wings, which suggest that - if we may so phrase it - were an apterygotous insect gradually to develop wings, it would be on the exopterygotous system. With motor running, gradually add oil until dressing is blended. The Arabian tribes began to take possession of the partly cultivated lands east of Canaan, became masters of the Eastern trade, gradually acquired settled habits, and learned to speak and write in Aramaic, the language which was most widely current throughout the region west of the Euphrates in the time of the Persian Empire (6th-4th century B.C.). At first they only brightened her heart, but as they continued, they gradually chased the chill away. terms privacy & cookie policy. As the work of the societies succeeded, they gradually passed out of existence. If a solution, let us say of sugar, be confined in a closed vessel through the walls of It is probable that in both these solutions complex ions exist at fairly high concentrations, but gradually gets less in number and finally disappear as the dilution is increased. 121. The latter would, indeed, be gradually affected; and accordingly we have observed a change in the policy of the law, indicating a change in sentiment with respect to the slave class, which does not appear to have been at all due to Christian teaching. It's gradually getting colder.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” It is characteristic of the prophetic eschatology that images suggested by one prophet are adopted by his successors, and gradually become part of the permanent scenery of the last times; and it is a proof of the late date of Joel that almost his whole picture is made up of such features. About 1880, while the Gediz Chai was throwing its silt unchecked into the Gulf of Smyrna and gradually filling the navigable channel, there was talk of reviving Fokia as a new port for Smyrna, and connecting it with the Cassaba railway. on the east in Sikkim, and gradually diminishes on the west, where north of the Punjab it is about 70 or 80 in. At Dryfe Sands, about 2 m. Chemists gradually tired of the notion of atomic weights on account of the uncertainty which surrounded them; and the suggestion made by W. But the difference between these two classes of elements is one of degree only, and they gradually merge into each other; moreover the electric relations of elements are not absolute, but vary according to the state of combination in which they exist, so that it is just as impossible to divide the elements into two classes according to this property as it is to separate them into two distinct classes of metals and non-metals. After a sudden decline in the stock market, things are gradually beginning to improve. Their extortions impoverished the whole country, yet the abolition of the system might perhaps have been carried out more gradually and with greater precaution, and Turkey more than once felt the want of their aid, questionable as its value often was. Returning to London early in November, he found it necessary to consult his physicians for a symptom which, neglected since 1761, had gradually become complicated with hydrocele, and was now imperatively demanding surgical aid; but the painful operations which had to be performed did not interfere with his customary cheerfulness, nor did they prevent him from paying a Christmas visit to Sheffield Place. During the following centuries Istakhr gradually declines, until, as a city, it ceased to exist. But below that city it suddenly widens out, and the width gradually increases through the stretch of 350 m. The dioceses were now mapped out into several archdeaconries (archidiaconatus), which corresponded with the political divisions of the countries; and these defined spheres, in accordance with the prevailing feudal tendencies of the age, gradually came to be regarded as independent centres of jurisdiction.'. This kingdom was to be gradually realized on earth, the transformation of physical nature gcing hand in hand with the ethical transformation of man. Gradually his grip weakened and then his eyes closed. The average daily gain in live weight is thus arrived at, and as the animal increases in age this average gradually diminishes, until the daily gain reaches a stage at which it does not afford any profitable return upon the food consumed. This world will gradually come to us. The first obscure and conf used conception of law gradually becomes clearer and better defined. By doing so constantly you, will gradually attain peace of mind. The occupation of the country by Great Britain gradually took a more permanent form, and though negotiations were more than once entered into with Turkey with a view to its termination, these either proved abortive or were rendered so (as e.g. With this object his staff was gradually reconstructed and its real strength removed and transferred to the Emperor. Flat-bottomed boats were gradually collected at Boulogne. As night started to fall, the children gradually began to wander off home. As the French columns coming up from the south and west gradually surrounded him, he drew in his troops under shelter of the fortress and its improvised entrenched camp, and on the 15th he found himself completely surrounded. I think they're both gradually working round to talking to each other again. de Monteregio, an appellation which became gradually modified into Regiomontanus. At the same time questions of trade, of local politics, finally of colonial autonomy, of imperial policy, had gradually, but already long since, replaced theology in leading interest. The translation was no doubt originally extemporary, and varied with the individual translators, but its form gradually became fixed and was ultimately written down.

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