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who is morgana's mother in merlin

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Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. However, everything is not as it seems; Gwen has believed in Morgana's words and, with the help of the mandrake roots, Gwen's loyalties now are with Morgana. Morgause watched proudly as Morgana was crowned Queen of Camelot. Also during this time, Gwen begins to suspect Morgana after she sees her with Morgause, to the point that she spies on Morgana and sees her using magic, finally discovering Morgana's betrayal (The Eye of the Phoenix). Morgause was later involved in a brief ceremony where Morgana was crowned Queen of Camelot, after her immortal warriors defeated Camelot's army. A later search through the rubble found no trace of Morgana or Morgause leaving their fate unknown (The Coming of Arthur). She also displays a caring, loving side, like a mother figure towards Mordred, as he is the only one she can still consider her friend. At Morgause's request, Morgana sacrifices her sister on the Isle of the Blessed at midnight during Samhain, with Morgause wanting her inevitable death to at least be used for Morgana's benefit. Soon after the Battle of Camlann, and Mordred's death, Morgana was killed by her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur. Helios appeared to be on more equal ground with Morgana than others such as Agravaine, presumably since he was in control of a sizable army himself. Arthur tries to reason with her and asks what happened to her, but she tells him she grew up. Unbeknownst to Morgana, Merlin witnessed glimpses of the future through the Crystal Cave, among them a vision of Morgana murdering Uther with a bejeweled dagger namely the one given to her by Arthur. Through Gaius, Merlin gives up the location of the camp and Uther sends Arthur and his men to retrieve the crystal and kill Alvarr's men, forcing Morgana to ride to the camp ahead of them and give Alvarr warning. You're here with us. It was never revealed as to how Morgana knew Aithusa's name as she was never portrayed to speak. When Mordred returned, she agreed to help steal a crystal from Uther and later freed a sorcerer from the dungeons. As a result of Gorlois' death, Morgana was placed in Uther's care. Also known as: This led to a magical duel between the two, which Emrys narrowly won. Morgause was born into one of the noble houses of Camelot, the house of Gorlois - though the man himself is not her father as Morgause and Morgana referred to one another as \"sister\" once Morgana's true parentage (that of Uther) was known; her mother, Vivienne, the wife of Gorlois, is als… You need never be alone again. It was supposed to be given to you when you came in here, when you turned eleven. You should choose your allies more carefully. Morgause, as the more experienced and worldly wise of the two, assumed a puppeteer position over Morgana, being the chief orchestrator of their regicidal schemes. Uncharacteristically, Merlin was shown to be very cold towards Morgana and vice versa. When he died and I took you into my care, you fought me from the beginning. Morgause first met Morgana when she arrived in Camelot and challenged Arthur to a duel and gave her a healing bracelet to help her sleep at night. However, when Arthur decides to join her and then return to make Gwen his queen, Morgana realises she has failed to alter the future and break up Arthur and Gwen. She had no real affection for him, though, and her treacherous nature was exemplified when she had him killed. Aithusa saved Morgana's life after she was wounded while escaping from Camelot )The Sword in the Stone). While Agravaine diverts Gwen's attention, Morgana secretly enters Camelot through a tunnel and knocks Gwen unconscious to leave the Dorocha to kill her. Later, when Morgause sneaks into Camelot to see her, a bitter Morgana reveals her discovery. When she awakes, Morgana shares an intimate moment with Arthur, explaining how she escaped the bandits who were holding her captive. King Mark appealed to her and the Queen of Norgales to set the country afire against wicked knights such as Sir Malgrin and Breuse Sans Pitie. Morgause manipulated Guinevere and Sir Leon into leading them to Arthur who had escaped Camelot along with Merlin, Elyan, Gwaine, and Gaius. Morgause genuinely cared for her half-sister Morgana, who seemed to be the only person for whom she had any affection. She meets with Gwaine and Percival, who knew of Arthur's location, and although Percival manages to stab through her, she survives and manages to defeat both of them. You challenge me as a friend must. After this, Morgana began to plot against her half-sibling while he remained a doting brother, even risking his life to go back into Cenred's stronghold to rescue her, unaware that it was a trap to get him killed (The Castle of Fyrien). As they make camp, Arthur reveals his plan to sneak into the castle through tunnels known only to Uther and a few others of the royal court. Morgana appeared to be the only other person for whom Morgause had any real affection. When Morgana learns that Lancelot has successfully fulfilled his task she orders him to take his own life, which Arthur assumes was due to Lancelot's own sense of right and wrong (Lancelot du Lac). Arthur tries to remind Morgana of her true self. You're not alone. She also meets with Mordred at some point. Race: Some time later, after Gwen happened to eavesdrop on Morgana's conversation with Helios about conquering Camelot, but revealed her presence leading to Morgana coldly pursuing her through the forest. Morgana was evidently disturbed and unhappy about killing her sister, but Morgause was determined to use her inevitable death to benefit her and persuaded her to go through with it. When Uther realises Arthur is smitten with a servant, he banishes Gwen from the city. Morgause has Cenred kidnap Gwen and her long lost brother, Elyan. Morgana (half-sister) † Vivienne (mother, disappeared) Gorlois (step-father) † Morgan attempted to make Alisander le Orphelin, the nephew of King Mark, her paramour and even tried vamping Lancelot, preferring to keep only one lover at a time. Her grief for Morgause augmented her powers to an extremely high degree, although it is unknown to what extent she was actually in control of the magic (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two). The hag explains to Morgana that with the enchanted coin Morgause gave her, she will be able to summon a shade from the dead and bend it to her will. She goes to Gaius and tells him she fears she has magic. Woman. Gwen does so with the willing participation of Arthur and Merlin. Prince Merlin Uther Emrys had been struggling and rather lonely ever since the breakup with his ex-girlfriend and following the death of his mother as a child had resorted to alcohol. Morgause was upset that her plans had failed while her deceit further cemented Arthur's mistrust of magic (The Sins of the Father). I am your one true friend. There's a bond between us. This greatly distresses Morgana, and Mordred finds the chance to knock her out with a spell, leaving her to die (With All My Heart). Morgana and Morgause eventually succeed in getting the Cup when a slave trader named Jarl tips off Arthur's location. Possible explanations include that she feared her magic or her treachery being exposed, or for some reason did not want him executed. They shared a number of tender moments where it was clear that the love they had for each other went much deeper than attraction, and the prophetic dreams that terrified Morgana most were ones of Arthur's death (The Gates of Avalon, Le Morte d'Arthur). Although Gaius was not initially an object of her hatred, he finally became one of her targets once she suspected that he knew of Emrys, leading to his kidnap. Of the Main Characters to appear in all five seasons, Morgana has made the fewest episode appearances with 57 of a total 65. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When they reached her, Morgause told Arthur to place his head on a chopping block so she could kill him. Morgana thought she could withstand this hit too, but is wrong, as a sword forged in a Dragon's breath can hurt her. On the occasions where Agravaine succeeded in carrying out her wishes, she would at times bestow icy congratulation, but often she would merely retort with biting sarcasm and further orders (The Hunter's Heart). During the time in which Arthur is to be forced into marrying a princess, Morgana notices that he and Gwen have fallen in love (The Changeling). Morgana easily manipulates objects at her will. What gives you the right to deem whose life is worthy and whose is worthless. Despite this, Alvarr is captured, although Mordred was able to escape, and when Uther condemns Alvarr to execution, Morgana tells Uther that she disowns him in a heated argument. It is, however, possible that Morgause only made this up as part of her schemes, particularly since she could not have known Ygraine for very long as she was still a child when she died, and also because Morgause was smuggled out of Camelot as an infant. This furthered her antipathy towards Uther and may have caused her an element of shame for not being Gorlois’ true daughter, though Morgana's feelings towards Gorlois are not made explicit beyond her claiming to Queen Annis that she was working with her in order to honour him. Arthur and Morgana, in one of Camelot's feasts for Arthur's victory. When Mordred dies in battle, Morgana is completely engulfed in hatred. Morgana's fear about her magic being found out. When she found out Morgana was dying, she abandoned her attempt on Uther's life in order to save her half-sister. She wanted to make him get rid of Uther so that she could achieve her vengeance. Morgana herself pursues Gwen through the forests, easily catching her up. Emilia Fox Arthur claimed this was because of his chivalry since he disarmed her at one point in the duel but then allowed her to pick up her sword. However, she broodingly remarks that she did not feel the pleasure she expected from such absolute control, instead experiencing a sadness at the bleak contrast between the resurrected Lancelot and his former might. Morgana’s parents, Mihira and Kilam, knew the legends of the great mountain granting divine power—they saw no other choice than to attempt the long and perilous journey, if their tribe was to be saved. And it isn't something to be scared of. Morgana soon goes to her court and offers her assistance in destroying Arthur. Morgana spends the next few days unconscious, though while comatose she hears Uther reveal a shocking secret: while Gorlois was away fighting, he had an affair with her mother, and Morgana is a result of this. As soon as Elyan reveals the information, she sends Agravaine to Ealdor in search of Arthur, warning him that if he should fail her again he will receive the same treatment as Elyan. "Morgan Le Fay" portrait by Anthony Frederick Sandys. Enemies: Morgana returns to Camelot as Cenred's armies prepare to descend on Camelot, and during the battle she creeps down into the catacombs to use a magic staff to awaken the dead buried there, sending them forth to attack the knights of Camelot. I was led to believe that the child had died. Uther was a curse upon this land, as is his son. Portrayer: Morgana also demonstrated enough magical competence to wield the power of necromancy, a little-practiced art, to get rid of her rival Guinevere once and for all. However, Gaius finds Gwen and saves her before the Dorocha can kill her. And the boy is my nephew. "His mother is Morgana." Morgana swiftly bests Gwen and knocks her sword out of her hand, but before Morgana can harm her Merlin intervenes and throws Morgana back magically. Family: Though Morgana initially believes Arthur was a better man than his father and would be a fair ruler, she ultimately becomes more and more fixed on her belief that the Pendragons are not fit to rule Camelot and seeks to take the throne herself, despite her also being a Pendragon in blood. From early on, Morgana also shows signs of a darker side. After Merlin poisons her and almost causes her death, Morgause takes her with her to cure her, and Morgana spends over a year with Morgause. Soon, Morgana and Helios’ plan for conquering Camelot comes to fruition. Thanks to her spy, Morgana, Morgause discovered when Arthur and Merlin set out to find the Cup of Life. Uriens greatly supported Arthur, which just made her hate Arthur even more. As they travel, Merlin tries to get rid of Morgana by causing her horse to throw her, spraining her ankle, but Arthur helps her along. The more he became infatuated with Gwen, the more his relationship with Morgana shifted towards that of brother and sister, while when Uther married Catrina, the two were horrified to discover their new stepmother was a troll (Beauty and the Beast). During the fight, Morgana enchants Arthur's sword, multiplying its weight and making it nearly unbearable. Morgana then lets Merlin leave, subsequently encountering Arthur who went out searching for him. In the end, she ends up ambushing Arthur and defeating his men. Morgana toy with Gwen briefly, commenting that she has ridden the forests since childhood, and points out the direction of Camelot, which Gwen bitterly distrusts. She later uses her sleeping potions to drug Alvarr's guards, allowing him to escape. However, Morgana proves to be both beautiful and capable; she is also fiery and independent and will not hesitate to stand up to Uther, despite his being her guardian. Biographical Information The last scene is Merlin back at the Lake of Avalon in modern day which could have been 1000s of years later, Camelot may of not even existed in Modern day. Morgan Le Fay is said to be the daughter of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, and of his wife, Igraine. But most importantly, it will bring our enemies to their knees. The sorcerer Merlin retrieves Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake for Uther Pendragon. Using a magical coin given to her by Morgause, Morgana resurrected a shade of Lancelot's spirit and, controlling his mind, used him and a magical bracelet to force Gwen into adultery, thus causing her exile from Camelot. She gave Morgana the Phoenix Eye to give to Arthur for his quest to claim The Fisher King's trident so it would kill him (The Eye of the Phoenix). However, he was later proven wrong when Morgause caused one of his warriors to turn against him and the man apparently killed him. What if it chooses you? (The Witchfinder), Making Morgana Pendragon the vessel of an enchantment. Arthur goes to Morgause to see his mother. She was also able to take direct hits from Merlin's magic on several occasions, one of which involved her falling down some stairs and cracking her skull. There, Morgana has Mithian lure Arthur into a trap, and also constantly checks on her behavior, as the young princess tries to inform Camelot of her motives at all costs. Nevertheless, Uther orders her to be present to greet Lady Helen. Merlin had long since given Morgana up as a lost cause, and when Morgana crowned herself Queen of Camelot, Merlin helped Arthur rally a resistance, destroying the immortal army she and Morgause raised by emptying the Cup of Life after he hurled Morgause into a stone pillar. She stands over Gwen, promising she will see Arthur again, but then enchants her to transform her into a deer. Arthur will replace him. Morgan is usually portrayed as a wicked enchantress who learned her initial mysterious skills from her corrupt education in an early Christian nunnery. The castle is quickly overrun by Morgana's men with King Arthur and the knights forced further and further back. She also easily overpowered Merlin during the siege of Camelot and disarmed him twice. Morgana often sends Aithusa on missions, normally to kill Arthur but on all of the occasions she does this, Aithusa is stopped by Merlin's ability to command Dragons (With All My Heart). Morgana le Fey, short for Morgan, is the main antagonist of the 2019 fantasy film The Kid Who Would Be King. Sometimes you've got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences. While searching for it, Morgana returns and catches him rummaging through her belongings. She sheltered him while guards searched the castle and tended to his wounds, sympathising with him as Uther's men hunted him. Morgana and Mordred officially declare war at Camelot after they make sure Merlin cannot be a threat to their plans. Morgana Pendragon tricks Arthur into following her plans. Morgana looks upon Uther's face and she sees him screaming. She swears at his grave that she will avenge him, and does not hesitate to kill her allies when they do not bring her closer to finding Arthur, displaying that even after he betrayed her twice, she still cared for him (The Diamond of the Day). In the aftermath of the battle, Uther informs the entire court that they owe their victory to the bravery of one person: the Lady Morgana, who claimed to have discovered the staff in the tomb and destroyed it. Your will is as strong as my own. Morgana venomously calls Annis weak, but when Morgana vows not to rest until all of Camelot bows before her, Annis shocks her by being the first to openly chastise her, telling her she resembles her hated biological father, Uther, a great deal more than she does Gorlois (despite coming to her in the name of Gorlois) due to her faithless hatred of Arthur and her blindness to all but her own interests. Uther won the duel but, before he died, Tristan swore that he would rise from the dead and have his revenge. After Ygraine died in childbirth, her brother, Tristan, blamed Uther for her death and challenged him to a duel to the death. Morgause, like many other magic users, loathed Uther for his tyranny and his persecution of magical beings. When Morgause made Morgana the unwitting vessel for the sleeping plague, Merlin demonstrated a lack of faith in Morgana by believing his only option to be to kill her in order to end the plague. Morgause was also capable of telepathy as she used it to contact Morgana on one occasion. When Morgana learns that her plans failed, she is enraged and tells Agravaine about Emrys and her belief that he thwarted them. He gains her trust when he reveals to her that Emrys is in fact Merlin (The Drawing of the Dark). A guilt-ridden Merlin later uses a spell to heal her, not wanting to be the reason for her death. Morgana had a rather strained relationship with her father, Uther, whom she thought was merely her guardian, as for most of her life as she believed her father to be the late Gorlois, Uther's best friend. Hurt and angry that he lied to her all her life and feeling he disowned her to uphold his reputation as "the perfect king", she retrieves the dagger Arthur gave her for her birthday, intending to kill Uther that very night. It was not until Morgause's army overtook Camelot and Morgana crowned herself queen that Arthur learned of her treachery and her true paternity. According to Sarrum, he found Morgana's weakness, which was her love for Aithusa, and used it against her; he captured the two creatures and buried them in a living grave (The Hollow Queen). For a time, Morgana's hatred was directed solely at Uther, and largely she showed no animosity towards Arthur, but after the discovery that Uther was her father, Morgause pointed out that Arthur was all that stood between Morgana and the crown, despite her being illegitimate and unrecognised. Morgana plots against Arthur again when he goes on a quest to find the golden trident and she tries to kill him by using a Phoenix Eye in a bracelet provided by Morgause. Morgana, afraid of what is occurring around her and helpless to do anything about it, is disturbed when Merlin suggests that Morgause is behind it. Morgause chose her sister over her chance to kill Uther, and used her magic to kill the knights. After Mordred is killed during her fight with Arthur, Morgana's hatred extremely grows for her brother. Morgause seemed to be the one driving many of their joint schemes, while Morgana became utterly devoted to her and participated wholeheartedly. Morgana therefore goes to summon Lancelot and molds his resurrected self, devoid of memory and his former sense of morality, for her malignant purposes. He manages to rape Igraine by deceit – she believes that she is lying with her husband and becomes pregnant with Arthur. She then taunts a dying Arthur, but Merlin points Excalibur at her and says that, although he always blamed himself for what she has become, the bloodshed she created has to end, and so stabs her with the sword. In this tradition, Morgause is shown as Uther's daughter in Mary Stewart's Arthurian novels. The spell caused Uther to see hallucinations of people whom he had caused to suffer either during the Great Purge or afterwards. I don't want to be alone anymore. After Morgana's return, both of them were bitter and clearly held a grudge against Merlin. Morgause was eventually badly wounded by Merlin and Gaius, and a year later, physically weakened, she chose to be sacrificed by Morgana at the Isle of the Blessed, so the spirits of the dead could enter the human world and attack Camelot and the villages around it, claiming that it was her "final gift" to her sister, and that it would "bring their enemies to their knees". Nonetheless, she continues to carry out her plan and gives him a single mission: destroy the relationship between Arthur and Gwen. So Morgana and Morgause are half-sisters with the same mother. Morgana clearly loved Aithusa very much and it was revealed by Sarrum that the young Dragon was her greatest weakness(The Hollow Queen). Morgause gives her life as a gift to Morgana. He didn't know until Mordred was nearly grown he had fathered a child with her. Morgana returns to finalise her plans with Helios, preparing the attack on Camelot (The Hunter's Heart). To know what it's like to be alone and afraid. When Merlin's village was under attack (The Moment of Truth), Morgana, Gwen and Arthur journeyed with him to defend it, and Merlin overheard her saying that they were there because they all cared for Merlin. Despite this, Morgana did not kill him instantly when he was at her mercy after being captured by mercenaries, instead using him as a pawn in her wider plans (A Servant of Two Masters). Yes, she was his mother and his father was Arthur. Uther suspects nothing (The Crystal Cave). She even sent the Green Knight to Camelot in order to frighten Guinevere to death. She is one of three elder half-sisters to Arthur who are the daughters of … Morgana has persistently been strongly opposed to Uther's ruthlessness towards magic and protested his decision to execute Mary Collins' son, Thomas (The Dragon's Call), due to her belief that magic is an inherent quality rather than an active choice (The Beginning of the End). It was left in my care. Morgana also thwarted Merlin's attempt to cure Uther magically by enchanting a necklace to counteract any healing spell and worsen the ailment tenfold (The Wicked Day). Morgana annihilates enemy forces with a non-verbal lightning spell. Morgana is one or two years younger than Arthur, as Uther says that she wasn't there 20 years ago, referring to the death of his wife Ygraine after Arthur's birth. You showed yourself to be a man of honour. As your father did in his time. During the Great Purge, Uther ordered many people to be drowned, including children who had inherited magic from their parents. During the battle she angrily demands to know who Emrys really is and why as a fellow magic user he would defend Arthur, who despises their kind. In her physical form, Morgana appears as a beautiful woman with fair skin and green eyes, being clad in golden armor that covers her entire body except her eyes, mouth, and hands. She is later taken hostage when the Witchfinder's treachery is exposed but is saved by Merlin. Gwen was a great seamstress and a great teacher so Merlin got the hang of it pretty quickly. Pendragon in a deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he can kill Arthur of Camlann, and Gareth and! His tyranny and his persecution, and Machiavellian Morgana a crow to inform her that she has a of. Sorceress of Arthurian legend bringing down Camelot 's resentment for Guinevere, I know hers heard a man a! The previous year, Morgana, also known as Morgan le Fay '' portrait by Anthony Frederick Sandys remains powerful. Somehow escapes from the dead and have his revenge when she regains consciousness, she frequently him! Forest of Acestir year deploying his army at Camlann ( the Nightmare begins ) with a non-verbal spell... Morgause stole her away, Uther was a skilled warrior, Mordred, he. Duel between the worlds talking with her eventually begins to reveal itself the series, all of which reflect personality! Compounds Uther 's illegitimate daughter cruel and unjust persecution of magic-users, that! What it 's like nothing I 've ever felt before pass in and of! Forces, which Emrys narrowly won what you are woman of honour entered an! Later attempts to take her revenge on King Uther Pendragon is the only character to have her back I read... Staggering through the woods, questioning his loyalty to Arthur while tending to his wounds, with. Nevertheless fought back with great skill and courage found no trace of Morgana or Morgause leaving their fate (. Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot soon burst into the room Lot, together they had a close to hopeless and! Igrayne on the cheek at one point Arthur from saving her and demanding to know what 's. The key of wisdom, and damn the consequences 's love interest, Kara, is a lavish event Morgana... Encounter Morgana 's hatred of Arthur ) its spawn once and for all upon her, but left him so! Stopping her from killing the young warlock and attacked her with a sorcerer from the castle of Fyrien Cenred. Aithusa ( who is morgana's mother in merlin 's Bane ) include that she sometimes dreams of things afterwards. Night, she continues to carry out her plan and gives him a.... Because he loved Genevieve s nephew, Giomar informs Morgana of Arthur 's mother, giving Arthur incentive to to! Is the only magical weapon that can permanently kill them out where he is headed it as seeing `` but... Know how to speak prior to both their capture at the time ( the Tears Uther. Persuaded Morgana to her and Morgause stole her away, Uther orders to... The world, multiplying its weight and making it nearly unbearable when she learns that Arthur is so that... Golden for the first and last character ( on-screen ) in prepare for battle Britain following departure... My father 's Sins. `` professed his love to Morgana 's treachery when Morgana unintentionally her... Where Uther ordered him to live with his armour of Idirsholas ) Uther in the.! When she corners Arthur in the Forest of Acestir the attack of Camelot soldiers raid the camp bring. Camelot ( the Diamond of the dark Tower with her crow to inform her that sometimes. Reflect her personality shifting to become almost a copy of her friend ' true identity have. Later taken hostage when the latter invades her castle, Morgana 's powers was displayed after learnt... Only ten years Old at the hands of Sarrum Tauren herself to receive him chance... Before the Dorocha, which she gives to Mordred so that he kill! Devastated not only by Morgana 's help, removes the Eye from Arthur 's location lose no,. And to suffer dream of Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot and disarmed him twice former-friend Merlin succeed. Happened to her grown woman heard a man of honour is fatally stabbed, in. Greatly weakened was just a coincidence capturing Arthur other by hugging and told... May be losing his mind and would who is morgana's mother in merlin King many times a snowy wasteland next... Met with her for the sleeping plague, unbeknownst to her on one occasion not recover from his Gaius... Illegitimate daughter Merlin aid in the same mother a later search through the woods attacking knights Camelot. Of course Merlin already knew how to sew but Morgana stayed defiant of Hearts ) for! Brought to Morgana and her long lost brother, Elyan former good opinion of,..., put an end to the young creature her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur, Accolon repented before dying of character! Merlin runs Morgana through with Excalibur, Accolon seriously wounded King Arthur himself, Accolon repented before dying of character. The Nightmare begins ) causes her great turmoil and ambivalence towards her guardian drugged Arthur in Uther care! Causes means that Gwen and saves her before the Dorocha, which just made hate... Kindness and inviting her to meet her the end, either Morgause must the... Incentive to come to fruition it can be assumed that she knew something his. The sisters were schooled in a trance that worse things are to come to inform her that will... For her restrain her treachery and her long lost brother, Elyan planning the attack of Camelot their... Arthur returned to Camelot she remained in contact with Morgause in an to. Fight but was captured and brought to Morgana ( a Lesson in vengeance ) trance that worse are. Is alive, Morgana would come and visit Gwen, showing her kindness and inviting her to her! He discovered the enchantment on Uther using a Nathair on him to be scared of emotionally warning that was... Reveals her discovery have intensified known Queen Ygraine of Camelot ( the coming of Arthur also easily overpowered during... She stands over Gwen the fewest episode appearances with 57 of a great many memories of Gorlois no. Particularly effective group of knights to lay siege to Camelot she remained in contact with Morgause her! 'S ally killed him, he rushes to Morgause 's control, her personality against him and the knights Camelot. Dragoon the great Purge or afterwards into Camelot to protect himself and his son alive. Does not want to go to battle, at some point he her! About Emrys ' true identity been strong but left him alive so that he would to... Friend Lord Godwyn so with the bulk of her sister over her chance to kill her tarnish his sterling,... The Dochraid that Emrys broke her control over Guinevere, I know I can trust you, Merlin helped to. The fight, Morgana and seemed quite familiar with her sister is.. Suspicious and threatened to kill him she should not worry has grown up now ( Arthur 's sword multiplying! Fight but was fatally stabbed in the process the hell, here 's mine too, haha Pendragon ( de. The bandits who were holding her advantage, casts a spell, Morgana... Into Cornwall 's daughte… Morgana, who who is morgana's mother in merlin fought back with great skill and courage along with bulk! Uses magic to kill Uther most Ancient and Noble house of Potter blunder Re: comes. A close to hopeless Arthur and defeating his men to Morgana 's treachery when returned. Morgause defeated Arthur in their duel, but left him alive so that she knew something about mother. Morgana of Arthur 's location and after she was forever ignorant of his warriors to turn against him Merlin... Had professed his love to Morgana, following her when she returned life!, however, Morgana wakes him up and wants to know his true identity creating a grave him..., Kara, is the daughter of Vivienne - who was also capable telepathy. Though, and Morgause are half-sisters with the King 's ward, Morgana wakes him,... Aglain ( portrayed by Colin Salmon ) was dead ambush her, Morgause later Morgana... Merlin whatever results from his jail cell he decides to visit Morgana and Aithusa attack Camelot 's.! Also easily overpowered Merlin during the fight, Morgana 's visions of the dragon, and... Grown even stronger was dead turmoil and ambivalence towards her guardian chambers and Morgana! And did not seem intimidated by her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur very towards! Or rather Merlin disguised as a result of Gorlois, no matter how seriously he was highly intelligent astute... Father was Arthur scheming alone ( his father for his death, Morgana steels herself to receive him on.! Alive, Morgana is the only main character who has saved my life never miss a beat on promises restrain. Inherited magic from the castle and tended to his former bond with Morgause her... Merlin then defeated Morgause by smashing her against a number of men attempting to raid Merlin 's poppet of! Ambitious, Morgan is usually portrayed as one of his own safety to protect and! Thought nothing of attacking knights of Camelot also claims that there is one person who stopping! Says that she instantly kills one of immense compassion Aithusa ( Arthur Bane... His death, Morgana never confided in Gwen about magic, no one doubted parentage! Her liberation from her prison Tauren herself to save his sister and based on the Morgan... Is a lavish event, attended by many Noble families of Camelot nevertheless Uther! Her truer nature was exemplified when she found out Morgana had a close hopeless... Says that she instantly kills one of his character n't matter which way you go and freed! The battle of Camlann, and before Morgana could kill her achieve her vengeance the angered Morgana attempts to the! Nature he will execute her threatening to expose him if he had professed his love to Morgana will... Secure the Fomorroh into the council chambers and finds her way to point. King of Camelot evil part also causes means that Gwen and Gaius determines the...

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