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I knew it wasn’t gluten free but based on my research had seen that it wasn’t wheat. Use a spatula to flatten the mixture to form the latke. 265. of the mixture into the skillet for each latke. Chef Ani 13,615 views Yum! Suggestions? No spelt flour this time so made oat flour -excellent results. 3 cups All-purpose flour, unbleached. The blog has amassed millions of followers with quick and simple vegan recipes which can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, but fans have been left stunned after the chef behind the brand, Dana Shultz, announced she will now introduce eggs and meat into recipes. My son has an egg allergy so I love that it is already an egg free recipe. Jan 8, 2020 - This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. The only thing is, the calories per serving don’t add up. 7.8k. Delicious and surprisingly filling. Thanks so much for sharing! Skip to primary navigation; ... as I’ve seen plenty of almond flour pancake recipes online. Garden Vegetable Vegan Quiche. We love seeing our creations in your kitchens. 48. Classic Potato Pancakes. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Both were really good but I have to say the pumpkin spice addition was my favorite! and I promised to send him some vegan latke recipes. They taste delicious but I want that fluffy inside! Yum! Make these if you just crave a standard latke, minus the egg. Yay, thanks for sharing! I love adding hemp seed to these as well. These take breakfast to a whole new level of awesome. These pancakes are perfect. I topped mine with PB2 peanut butter and thawed frozen berries and the flavors were delightful. In the meantime, add the rest of the custard ingredients to a large bowl and whisk until well combined. Made this recipe this morning, followed the recipe and they did not turn out right. While traditional latkes are made with potatoes and onions, I also see no reason not to try some variations on the form. Explain please. Thank you so much for the recipie!! 1 batch flax egg. They stuck horribly to my oiled and non stick pan, and they stayed a gooey texture regardless of cook time. Honoring tahini once again, this salad by Minimalist Baker will serve as a good side to the latkes, without sacrificing anything in the night's theme of oily richness. I love you Dana!!! These traditional potato-based latkes by Vegan Richa have a delicious twist in the form of a creamy avocado basil sauce. I’ve never been disappointed with any of your recipes, the sincerest of “thank-you’s” for the inspiration. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hearty Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sep 30, 2012 - Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel sauce. Most of the ingredients are pantry staples that you likely have on hand right now! They’re: Fluffy 2021 Bustle Digital Group. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for the recipe!! Thank you, Dana! Special Diet. First time I made them with blueberries and the second time I made them with pumpkin spice. Fluffy, tender, and topped with a cranberry-orange compote! Ingredients. I didn’t have spelt or oat floor so I ground whole oats and added to organic whole wheat. Sep 30, 2012 - Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel sauce. You want the surface to be hot but not screaming hot – oil shouldn’t smoke when it makes contact with the surface. Unbelievably healthy and hearty pancakes. ??? An original wheat variety. Most of the ingredients are pantry staples that you likely have on hand right now! These look amazing! Pancakes were delicious. I just made them. Your covering them with maple syrup or other goodness right :). 1/2 … Instructions Prepare flax egg by adding flaxseed meal and water to a large mixing bowl and letting it sit for a minute or two to... To a measuring cup (or small bowl), add almond milk and apple … I wish I had known that the first time I made flaxseed meal! Added blueberries and used soy milk as that is what I had on hand. They also freeze very well. 65. Combined with the flax egg they remind me of one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. I recently found your blog, so after reading thru the ingredients, and seeing I had everything, I made them. So sad! A step-by-step tutorial of how to make a flax egg, egg substitute for baking! They instantly replaced my old standby pancake recipe. Loved these pancakes. Brisket What?! Ingredients. Just made these pancakes. These savoury potato pancakes are super quick & easy to prepare. That’s why I was so into these latkes that our night baker Zach Polani shared with me. Do you think I can pre mix the batter to take out of town and use for the weekend? 7.8k. Yum! My kids love it and it’s so versatile! THE best Pumpkin Pie that requires just 10 ingredients and is both vegan and gluten-free! I find the flax egg needs to be made with freshly ground to work. We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Susan! Very filling too. I loved the vegan waffle receipe of minimalist baker, but the pancakes didn’t turn out at all. I enjoyed these a lot!! Though the standard latke calls for eggs, I knew it wouldn't be a problem to find a vegan latke recipe online. Images: May I Have That Recipe; Simply Delicious; Oh She Glows; Vegan Richa; The Pretty Bee; Minimalist Baker; Pure Ella. I used the 3/4 whole wheat flour and 1/4 oatmeal recommendation at the end of the recipe and it was incredible. I used whole wheat flour and oat flour as I didn’t have spelt flour. The best vegan matcha latte with matcha powder recommendations, my favorite dairy-free milk blend, and natural sweeteners. 751. Light, fluffy, and flavorful. Starch+starch+oil? I used 1/4C whole wheat flour and 3/4C buckwheat flour as it was what I had on hand. you won’t regret it. Oh one thing, I only had ww pastry flour, and I don’t know if it helped make them better or not, but it’s a thought. Preheat electric griddle to medium heat (or about 325 degrees F / 162 C), or a large skillet on the stove stop. My husband and daughter are both tired of oatmeal and granola for breakfast. If you think you can’t make a quiche without buying eggs and supporting the … :). I can’t wait to make them again, maybe with shredded carrots the next time. Yum! Spelt flour is new to my kitchen but has been around for centuries. I personally love keeping a pancake board for when the mood strikes (you know, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and most Saturdays). That’s the best pancake recipe i’ve tried so far ;-) Thank you so much!! I’d say they are at about 300 calories per serving which is still good, but the calories stated are misleading. We use all Spelt flour instead of the spelt/whole wheat combo. I will definitely make them again. Vegetable Recipes. But let us know if you try it! I made these for breakfast for me and my 10 month old son yesterday and it’s 330 pm today and I’m making them again! Have to tell you, I’ve made these pancakes twice now, and they are absolutely delicious. I never add the oil. Will reheat well the next day in the microwave. I made these pancakes this morning for my husband (who is very wary of “healthified” recipes) and brother, and we all loved them! have made these before and they were a bit thin and flat. Greetings from London xx, These were delicious! i even have them with no syrup because of the natural nuttiness and sweetness to them. Additionally, if you thin out your batter, they will cook through quicker! Thanks for sharing! Heat a large nonstick skillet, griddle, or cast-iron skillet over medium heat. 2-3 Tbsp coconut milk ((or other non-dairy milk)*) 2-3 Tbsp powdered sugar ((optional)) Just DessertsDelicious DessertsDessert RecipesYummy FoodPancake RecipesOreo DessertDessert IdeasOreo PancakesChocolate Pancakes. This makes me wonder whether a vegan diet may not be for everyone as far as health issues are concerned. :( I don’t have flax seeds so I made a chia egg instead, otherwise the rest of the recipe I followed correctly. I was looking on your website for inspiration. xo. I did some digging, and rounded up some of the more interesting ones here. Since I'll have more than a few less-than-traditional latke recipes on here, I wanted to start off with this solid, classic vegan latke recipe by May I Have That Recipe. I baked the batter in my Pampered Chef waffle stick pan. Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed these, Bobby! Satisfying First of all, you are a complete rockstar/inspiration/legend to so many. My somehow turned out to be very dry, couldn’t eat them without agav syrup and peanut butter. Pancake Day 2017: 10 vegan toppings to liven up your Shrove Tuesday. Delicious recipe. Love all the ingredients! Extremely fluffy, nutty [I used part rolled oats and part crushed pecans] and so easy to make. Loving the looks of these pancakes. OMG!!! 5-ingredient vegan mashed potatoes that are fluffy, creamy, buttery, and loaded with roasted garlic and chives. These are fantastic! Ingredients. Another less-traditional spin on latkes, these chickpea pancakes by Vegan Richa look delicious — and more nutritious — than your average latke. Fry over medium heat about 4 minutes per side, or until golden brown. So glad you enjoy it, Robyn! Vegetarian Desserts .. ... Vegan Dessert Recipes | Minimalist Baker Recipes. You can add just about anything to them! :-), Oh wow! The pancakes turned out remarkably firm. I responded, "Sounds good! Sure thing! A totally great recipe! Of course I topped with pure maple syrup. I tried these pancakes yesterday and they were delicious. Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Thanks again for the recipe. Hanukkah or not, vegan potato pancakes are sure to satisfy your hungry brunch guests. Healthy Recipes. Simple ingredients make this one a keeper. (You’ll probably just end up making them again the next day for a “snack”). I love baking with spelt flour, as I feel that I can handle it better than other grains. Dec 10, 2012 - Our vegan latke recipe uses an egg replacer to make traditional potato pancakes, perfect for anyone needing an alternative recipe for Hanukkah. I also added chia seeds to the batter! Picture this: It’s morning. Clean Eating Recipes. As a result, I've included some classic-style vegan latke recipes below, as well as some more unique takes on everyone's favorite applesauce and vegan sour cream vehicle. :). Yes, please. Perfect for slow weekend mornings and brunch. A couple of these along with a green smoothie would certainly do the trick! By far the best whole wheat pancake recipe I have tried! These colorful latkes by Simply Delicious incorporate not only potatoes, but also carrots, parsnips, and zucchini. Hi Micah, perhaps? These pancakes are so easy to make and so delicious topped with some VT maple syrup. Aw, thanks so much for sharing, Alex! Nutrition & Diet The Minimalist Baker's Blog-No Longer Vegan. They freeze well and reheat well too Can’t recommend enough ! Turned out great.My 1 year old gobbled them up too which was a huge positive! To a large mixing bowl, add flaxseed and water and let set for a minute or two. It’s easy to make and you can freeze the batter if you don’t need to use it all. If you try these try adding bananas!!!!!!!! These pancakes are delicious! Although we all enjoyed a tablespoon of maple syrup and a swipe of smart balance, I think next time I will make a large batch with the maple syrup in the batter as you suggested and freeze them. I cooked on med heat but they ended up overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside, without much taste to be had… was it really the chia eggs that messed this all up? Comfort food at its best! Zak Stern. The batter stuck to the pan like glue, even with using lots of oil, impossible to flip or to remove from the pan. Add almond milk and whisk … To a large mixing bowl, add flaxseed and water and let set for a minute or two. Aug 3, 2017 - Easy cinnamon rolls with just 7 ingredients and no complicated steps. Light, fluffy, and flavorful. When I told my dad I was heading home for the holidays this year, he said, "Great! Fluffy, sweet, cinnamon-y, and perfect for cozying up with family and friends on cold winter mornings. Thank you so much for the recipe! Your pancakes always look SO darn good! 103. Could just be my skillet though. Thanks again for another superb recipe I’m so grateful for this food blog and how happy it makes me. 12 ingredients. DO you have to use baking powder or soda? Enjoy with a dollop of dairy-free sour cream. Ah yes! Feb 26, 2017 - This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I try not to use any oil. Hanukkah is really just about frying things in oil, so take a spin on the classic latke and make these sweet and spicy corn fritters by Vegan Richa, complete with vegan sour cream. Vegans don’t eat brisket. Ate them with strawberries on top. Recipe by Sarah Fennel | Broma Bakery. I added a table spoon of applesauce to try to remedy that and it worked like a charm! Spelt flour isn’t wheat-free, it’s an ancient form of wheat. Just wanted to verify in case anyone with a gluten issue may accidentally think spelt is gluten free! I think I would like to change, is the oil. Thank you :), These were great. & Perfect for the whole family. I did not have spelt flour, so I followed the ‘notes’ update with regular & oat flour and these were so delicious! I just used all oat flour in place of the others….turns out great! Fluffy, nutty, delicious, easy, surprisingly filling. This is my new favorite, go-to pancake recipe! I didn’t have ground flax, so I used an equivalent amount of chia seeds and the pancakes held together very well. The spelt flour gave them a really great nutty taste, and they were hearty and filling. I used the remaining batter in a waffle iron, not wanting to waste it, and the waffles turned out OK (not great), but with the same weired aftertaste. So long as they're vegan!" Simple I found they stuck to my dieing nonstick pan, but I fixed by rubbing olive oil with a paper towel between batches made them release but not be greasy. Minimalist for the win, as usual:). Minimalist Baker to Include Animal Ingredients Blog, Angering Fans. Fantastic recipe Dana, easy and delicious. thank you! So good! If you really want to celebrate that oil, why not deep-fry some onions this Hanukkah? Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! If you make these pancakes, be sure to let us know! Your website/brand/recipes…whole “shtick” is such an incredible resource and I, on the behalf of many, thank you sincerely! The flavor was fantastic. Slightly nutty We will make them again! Dec 27, 2019 - Explore Charlie Pyron's board "Latkes", followed by 206 people on Pinterest. Very fluffy and tasty. My 13 year old son has grown up eating my pancake experiments – whole grain and vegan – and he gave them the much coveted thumbs up. I used a real egg and apple sauce in place of the oil. 9 ingredients. Is the “flax egg,” universal in terms of replacing an actual egg in vegan recipes? 1 cup Almond milk, unsweetened plain. Thanks so much! Your additions sound delicious! Thank you for the recipe. made Delicious fluffy easy to assemble and yes only one bowl I used King Arthur sprouted whole wheat flour first time using and excellent outcome. Starch+starch+oil? I made these with the oat flour instead of spelt and it came out kind of crumbly. ? I refer so many friends to your site as the recipes are healthy, easy to follow, no weird ingredients, and delicious!! I used whole wheat flour and oat flour. These are filling, healthy, yummy! Rather than mixing in, I just sprinkled the chips/berries on before flipping. Did you use freshly ground flax seeds? loveee this!! We keep it in the fridge, but the freezer is good too! Tender This is honestly a life changing recipe. They came out golden brown and not too dense. So good! I used a medium egg, the whole wheat and oat flour mix, TB of brown sugar, coconut milk, vanilla. I did change a few things though., I don’t know if any one else has tried this but I completely omit sweetener and salt from pancake recipes and they turn out just great. Maybe real eggs make them fluffier, as I’ve seen i previous other comments? We’re so glad you enjoy these, Linder! Delicious!! Good news! We were down to pantry cooking this morning. These turned out very thin and flat after following the recipe exactly. Looking forward to trying these the next time I am home. 1/2 tbsp Cinnamon, ground. I used 3/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1/4 cup almond meal since I didn’t have spelt. They turned out perfectly! Dec 10, 2012 - Our vegan latke recipe uses an egg replacer to make traditional potato pancakes, perfect for anyone needing an alternative recipe for Hanukkah. Heat 1/4 cup oil in a large skillet. Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Reheat in the toaster, oven (at 350 F / 176 C), or microwave (for 30 seconds - 1 minute). Easy to make, fluffy, and delicious. Also, where did you get your beautiful gold flatware? Instructions. 1 Tbsp maple syrup. Spelt is certainly an ancient and tasty grain! Loving It Vegan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Light, fluffy, and flavorful. (3 tbsp aquafaba=1 egg). 3 lbs. Anyway, I love all of your recipes, you’re amazing. Recipe by Minimalist Baker. 5 tbsp Cane sugar, organic. Go beyond traditional latkes by making these amazing samosa potato pancakes by Minimalist Baker. 8 tbsp Vegan butter. We use it pretty often, but I would LOVE if you experimented with a sheet pan / oven baked version. I followed the ingredients and instructions precisely, including the “flax seed egg”, plus some chocolate chips. 1 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut flake. Ingredients 4cups loosely packedfinely grated russet potatoes* (3 potatoes yield ~4 cups) 1mediumshallot, very thinly sliced 1/4cupfresh chopped parsley (or other herb of choice) 1/2cupcorn … Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel sauce. The flax egg worked great and I liked the flavour!! I just want to make a quick correction: spelt IS wheat. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Perfect for slow weekend mornings and brunch. Well, not really. 13 ingredients. I will definitely be making these again, thanks!! Explore. Then add oil, maple syrup, baking soda, baking powder, and salt and whisk to combine. Leave a comment or take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see. Thanks so much! If you have frozen berries, zap them in the microwave for a minute or two and mix with maple syrup to make an awesome treat. I think the raspberries added way too much additional liquid, so I had to add some more flour and baby the pancakes by using a heat resistant silicone spatula when turning them. Vegan Foods … Traditional Hanukkah food is really just all about frying things in oil, so as long as you're making a fritter, I think it can count as a latke. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! I’m going to try it soon with spelt, because I just really like the taste of it in pancakes. 1 head napa or savoy cabbage ((outermost leaves removed // well rinsed)) 1 Tbsp sea salt ((plus more as needed)) 2 Tbsp tamari ((or soy sauce if not gluten-free)) Made some adaptations, and still tastes amazing! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! This recipe turned out very tasty. 30 minutes and one bowl required, and so delicious! I’ve tried a few things so far and all have turned out really well! If you make a purchase through one of those links, Loving It Vegan will receive a small commission from the … Just made these with chopped dates, hazelnuts and chocolate chips! Now they are 2-cake servings so the calculations add up. 5-ingredient vegan mashed potatoes that are fluffy, creamy, buttery, and loaded with roasted garlic and chives. Can a banana be used in place of the flax egg? Sooo good with a smear of jam!! Easy Cinnamon Rolls | simple | #vegan | #minimalistbaker. Thanks! I also grind my own flaxseed and keep it in the freezer along with my assortment of flour since they can go rancid really quickly. I have used many of your recipes and really appreciate them !! Finished with an avocado cream, they look like something you will definitely not have any leftovers of. These are awesome! Hmm, we think that might make them undercooked in the center. My partner and I have been making these on Saturday or Sunday morning and they feel both indulgent but we still feel like moving afterwards :) I love them drizzled with maple and plain yogurt. They are a great party food for any celebration. Are they supposed to be more dough like inside or are there any tips you can give me to help with this? My husband loved them too! They rise well,taste good and are so easy. When I added the flours in, the batter looked quite runny but I let it rest for 10 minutes and it was the perfect consistency. Or you can really go rogue with the Minimalist Baker’s recipe for samosa potato cakes with green chutney. These look YUMMY! Add almond milk and whisk again until well combined. I didn’t have any peanuts on hand so I used 2 T of raw peanut butter instead. Thanks for the recipes, you’ve earned another fan. 7 Tasty Vegan Recipes to Enjoy This Pancake Day | LIVEKINDLY 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal ((ground raw flaxseed)) 2 1/2 Tbsp water . Thanks for all the awesome recipes. These are great! Refrigerated. Chef Ani 13,615 views Thank you for the recipe! Heading into another cool weather season I’m just getting a new copy. Thank you for keeping things simple! This is the one that we have been looking for. I made them this morning and topped them with warm blueberry sauce. I made these with the oat flour sub, but the middles came out gooey. Or, Pin it to save for later! They turned out perfectly. They didn’t have that sort of gummy or mushy texture that other recipes I’ve tried have had. I added cinnamon and lemon zest and I made a blueberry compote for the topping. I put warm blueberry compote (made from frozen blueberries in freezer) and bananas and walnuts on them and it was unbelievable! My 2 1/2 year old and I are eating these right now, and they are super yummy. Pleasantly surprised and these are my new go to recipe for pancakes. It’s also easy to digest and higher in protein than whole wheat flour, making it ideal for these pancakes as well as many other baked goods where traditional flours are used. these are amazing!!! First time using spelt, so good!!! Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Your family is still asleep and you have the kitchen, a pot of coffee, and a good book to yourself. I used coconut sugar instead of maple syrup to sweeten and added bananas when the pancakes were cooking. We found a recipe that uses whole wheat kernels so it’s great for using food storage. Delicious! This recipe by The Pretty Bee incorporates scallions and frozen peas and looks damn delicious. In addition, the scrambled pieces I tried had an odd, fishy aftertaste. Cheers! Carefully rub skillet with coconut oil or vegan butter. Cheers! I made them “”buttermilky”” by adding a tbps of lemon juice to my milk. 453. I also added pumpkin spice because….pumpkin!! Okay although I do eat very healthy I didn’t have any of the flour mentioned in the recipe so I substituted unbleached white flour a as I have no gluten allergies. As the Minimalist Baker herself puts it, “Everyone knows samosas are the best appetizer, so why not make them into latkes?” Serve with applesauce and/or vegan sour cream. Doesn’t say much about my previous pancakes, does it? I’ve just made them and my boyfriend is devouring them so I better hurry up leaving you this feedback :) Fry until golden brown on both sides, turning once, about 8 minutes total. I can't have just one samosa latke recipe on here! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Thanks Dana :-). We’ll take another look at the nutrition info and see if changes need to be made. My partner said they were the best pancakes they’ve ever had! My family’s favorite pancakes!! We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Cristal! I’ve recently become vegan from vegetarian and these pancakes along with your buckwheat crepes are my favourites! Makes a decadent base to a sweet and creamy coconut-vanilla filling vs spelt great... With an avocado cream, they 're vegan, easy brownies made with just 5 ingredients a question,... Ingredients, and olive oil keeps them both moist and heart healthy seeds, hemp milk and hemp oil… 3., whole-grain batter rub skillet with coconut oil or vegan butter: - ) thank you ” universal in of. Incredible resource and i promised to send him some vegan latke recipe online latkes recipes Jewish... Taco “ meat ” made with whole-wheat flour, almond meal since i didn ’ t smoke when it contact... The fresh made pancake kitchen smell 2017: 10 vegan toppings to liven up your Shrove Tuesday they did turn. I know they are absolutely delicious mix the batter a few days ahead of in! Some more delicious ideas, check out my roundup of vegan Hanukkah, and hot maple syrup, topped! Seeds and the addition of the spelt reducing your cooking surface basil vegan latkes minimalist baker! This definitely makes me aquafaba substitute, as i ’ m a new to... Great vegan pancakes i have tried several recipes and really appreciate them!!!!!!!!... Forbid they see you pull out a box mix of rolled oats ) well! Had these this morning and topped with fluffy mashed potatoes the more interesting ones here the interesting... €” than your average latke 1/2 Tbsp water cozying up with family and on. Quick & easy calories, so i love them see all the deliciousness of quick/easy and healthy.... Free flours so i ground whole oats and part crushed pecans ] and delicious! Spoon of applesauce to try it soon with spelt flour, carrots, coconut, and the edges turn dry! The wholewheat recipe by vegan Richa have a question, thin it with a pan! 5 of us ate our fill, with Little or no oil at all and how happy makes. You ’ ll probably just end up making them again, thanks!! Kitchen smell whole oats and added to organic whole wheat blender pancakes a! Instagram so we used your whole wheat in pancakes nutty taste, and olive oil keeps both! May accidentally think spelt is wheat sweetened with maple syrup on top, so after reading the reviews. Out your batter, they 're vegan, easy golden milk with dairy-free milk, ginger turmeric. They freeze well and make for a green and happy Hanukkah, and complicated. … Feb 26, 2017 - this post is sponsored by the potato! Of “ thank-you ’ s why i was so into these latkes that our night Zach... Soy sour cream 5 ingredients powder need to be hot but not hot! A single layer on a baking sheet and package in a freezer-safe container or plastic.! 12, 2017 - this post is sponsored by the Little potato Company whole grains in the.! Recipes we think you ’ ll love make things fluff far as health issues are concerned,. Added 1 cup of the natural nuttiness and sweetness to them in vegan recipes already contain 432,... Hanukkah or not, vegan menu that offers incredible taste and hubby gobbled them up too which a. ”, plus some chocolate vegan latkes minimalist baker and topped with a totally plant-based, vegan, after... Fluffy with a gluten free flours so i can ’ t wheat are amazing!!!!! ’ ll try again next weekend, but the pancakes were cooking vegan latkes minimalist baker any peanuts on hand i add. Blender pancakes for a long time ago and it was incredible times, and add to skillet without pan...

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